Yangyang Sun(孙杨洋)

Yangyang Sun is a first year undergraduate student from School of CS, Chongqing University. His research interest includes Managing and Mining Streaming Spatio-Temporal Data .

He was advised by Prof. Ruiyuan Li of Spatio-Temporal Art (START) Lab from School of CS, Chongqing University and Prof. ChaoChen from School of CS, Chongqing University.

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Recent News

  • The Spatio-temporal Laboratory of Chongqing University aims to give full play to the advantages of enterprises and universities, deeply explore the related technologies of spatio-temporal data collection, storage, management, mining and visualization, and actively promote the landing of academic achievements in the industry! There are 2~3 postgraduate places in the year, and students from computer, GIS and other related majors are welcome to apply! 😄

Current Research

  • Distributed Streaming Trajectory Segmentation Algorithm
  • Streaming Spatio-temporal Data queries